Workout shoes!!


Listen to what I tell you, your workout shoes are so important!! The wrong workout shoe will hurt your progress. Let me tell you why….

I made a huge mistake by going to Retail Sports Store to buy new shoes for my workout. I am not a runner but mostly I do cross training & treadmill work. I tend to wear running shoes so I thought the store would be the place to go…WRONG! Here's why, not everyone's feet it's made the saying of course you know that being that we have different sizes but your arches your wide & stability support are important to understand before you buy a shoe. At the retail stores, they just ask you your size, bring you out a couple shoes and then you just decide which one you think feels better. Then you proceed your happy self to the gym to only realize this is the worse shoe you ever had!!! I was in pain after workouts!!

So take my advice, do not of waste your money & suffer with painful feet. My advice is that you want to go to a running store not large retail chain. I was sized properly for my foot and it turned out I was wearing shoes that were too small. I'm an 8 in regular shoes but actually a 9.5 in sneakers!! I wasn't giving my poor feet the opportunity to move. I was really crushing them because your feet swells when you work out. I needed a wider base & was shown the difference for each shoe I tried on. So the moral of the story is to go to a running store to get properly fit!

P.S. I would like to publicly apologize to my feet. I'm sorry.

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